Preliminary Activities
The preliminary phase of the LEMON project is aimed at collecting all the data and information useful to decide about the renovation projects of the social housing dwellings, through the organization of exchange meetings with energy efficiency experts, promoters and managers of the renovations, and the energy auditing.

Results of the preliminary meetings
The infographic illustrates the results of the two preparatory events that have been held on March, 21/2016 and on June, 9/2016 with the aim of collecting the most convenient and effective solutions and technologies for social housing energy refurbishment, basing on the collaborative exchange and debate between ACERs (Housing Agencies of the Emilia-Romagna Region), regional research centers, public officers and companies in the construction sector.

Objectives, organization and detailed results of the meetings are described within the report “List of solutions and technologies for social housing retrofit”.

Results of the energy audits
The results of the energy audits are presented through the following infographic that illustrates the data related to the construction age, the equipment typologies, the energy consumptions and energy classes of the buildings analysed by the LEMON project.
Watch the infographic