Preliminary Activities
The preliminary phase of the LEMON project is aimed at collecting all the data and information useful to decide about the renovation projects of the social housing dwellings, through the organization of exchange meetings with energy efficiency experts, promoters and managers of the renovations, and the energy auditing.

Results of the preliminary meetings
The infographic illustrates the results of the two preparatory events that have been held on March, 21/2016 and on June, 9/2016 with the aim of collecting the most convenient and effective solutions and technologies for social housing energy refurbishment, basing on the collaborative exchange and debate between ACERs (Housing Agencies of the Emilia-Romagna Region), regional research centers, public officers and companies in the construction sector.

Objectives, organization and detailed results of the meetings are described within the report “List of solutions and technologies for social housing retrofit”.

Results of the energy audits
The results of the energy audits are presented through the following infographic that illustrates the data related to the construction age, the equipment typologies, the energy consumptions and energy classes of the buildings analysed by the LEMON project.
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The path drawn by the Capacity Building meetings

The will to strengthen the capacity of public bodies to develop projects and financing schemes for building renovation, together with the need to renovate a building stock that is energetically and structurally inadequate to current economic and climatic needs, is pushing the energy efficiency market towards new forms of financing, less onerous for the public administration and convenient in terms of quality, maintenance and management.

These new forms of financing, called Public-Private Partnerships, require the use of tools that are little-known and often not supported by legislation.

At the meetings addressed to the Public Administrations, the experiences related to the LEMON project were discussed, as well as topics not yet much covered or known, but of great importance for the development of the issues related to the new forms of financing. In the following infographics you can see the interest shown in each topic by the participants. Further information can be found in the Events section.

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Involvement and training of the tenants

The involvement of the tenants in the restoration allowed to make them an active part of the project, easing the overcoming of the inconveniences due to the construction site and arousing their interest in the issue of energy saving.

To do so were held a series of training meetings in which the guide, The Tenant's Manual, was presented. It has been written to provide information on how to save on bills immediately, through the careful management of some actions, and to achieve a better quality of life in the apartment. Sometimes, in fact, you do certain actions just because you do not know the alternatives or because you have always done so. More information and the link to download the guide to the dedicated page.