LEMON Project Final Report and Executive Summary - OUT NOW!

Finally available the documents that describe the results reached, the tools made available by the Lemon project - consultable on the website - and provide a series of useful suggestions to replicate the innovative deep retrofit process and avoid setbacks.

The tools elaborated and made available are:
  • contractual instruments: EPC e EPTA
  • instruments for tenants: The Tenant’s Manual
  • instruments for policy maker: training seminars
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To ask for even more, in the executive summary you can consult the references of the partners and the contacts to whom you can send enquiries.

The Executive Summary is available in the following languages:

LEMON Project's best practice on Covenant of Mayors' website

The Covenant of Mayors online Library collects for the municipalities to help reaching the targets set in the drawing of the SECAP.
Among the successful case studies there is the experimentation of LEMON project in the city of Reggio Emilia, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in social housing through the use of EPC contracts and by training the tenants (read the news).

Lemon Project: published the new 5 Mln € tender

Under the Horizon 2020 LEMON Project, it is planned to test in the field an innovative procedure for the commitment of buildings' renovation, the Energy Performance Contract (EPC), a contractual agreement setting as its objective the improvement of energy efficiency, verified and monitored throughout the duration of the contract. Last year, in September 2018, a first tender procedure was called, involving the use of the same instrument, but due to some critical issues it was assessed as too risky by the interested parties. Following this call and after a series of discussions with ESCo and interested companies, Acer Reggio Emilia has launched a new tender procedure for the award of energy upgrading for social housing. The amount of the contract will be important, over € 5 million, and it will be possible to submit offers by September 16, 2019.
On Tuesday, July 30 at 10:30 am, at Acer Reggio Emilia headquarters, the new call for tenders will be presented.

More information and the complete call for proposals can be found on the website

The Tenant's Manual: a guide to responsible energy management
January 2019

This manual is a guide to the management of some of the activities performed daily at home. You will learn how to reduce energy consumption, helping both the environment and your finances, through small but very effective actions.
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Seminar “EPC and Incentives. A modern approach to restoration”
17 October 2018

Bologna, Regione Emilia-Romagna, Terza Torre

The seminar “EPC and Incentives. A modern approach to restoration”, involved 15 speakers from the different categories that operate in the field of the Building Restoration, stimulating the debate above technical and financial approach to the restoration itself.
The event went deep through the theme of Energy Performance Contract EPC, for what concerns the criticalities in charge of the local authorities and the chance that the contract may give back, since it requires a lower budget for the interventions compared to public contracts. The speakers brought an innovative contribution to the theme of Tenants involvement in the process of restoration.

Article Published on Econerre - economia Emilia-Romagna
15 October 2018

Econerre, an online economics magazine, published an article titled “Il progetto LEMON per la PA”. This article talks about the seminar, addressed especially to local authorities and social housing sector, of the 17th October, at Regione Emilia-Romagna. Particularly, it focuses on the reasons to participate to the event, namely to deepen the knowledge of instruments and incentives for energy restoration of buildings.

LEMON: 5 Mln € call for tenders published to refurbish the Reggio Emilia and Parma social housing
31 August 2018

The call for tenders, expiring on October 15, triggers a total investment of 4.98 million euros, test an innovative EPC (Energy Performance Contract) financing contract and is targeted to companies and ESCo (Energy Service Company) for social housing retrofit. ACER Reggio Emilia and ACER Parma promote it through the LEMON project (Less Energy More OpportuNities, Horizon 2020 program).

The tender adopts the EPC energy performance contract with which the winning contractor, normally an ESCo (Energy Service Company), carries out the refurbishment works and provides services to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. The ESCo is payed back through European funding (ERDF), national incentives (Conto termico and Ecobonus), national funding for social housing (Law 80/2014), contributions from municipalities and resources deriving from energy saving achieved, binding on the achievement of set goals.

Article Published on Horizon Magazine
13 August 2018

Is now online, in the EU Research & Innovation Magazine Horizon, the article titled Flat-pack homes and profit-sharing retrofits are making sustainable housing affordable. This article talks about sustainability, through the experience of SOLACE HOUSE, LEMON PROJECT and CZECH SUSTAINABLE HOUSES, with the aim of exploiting existing tools that allow interventions affordable, like the use of Energy Retrofit Incentives and the Zero Consumption Prefabricated houses.

Round Table on Social Housing
02 July 2018

Workshop held by Anthea, in-house society of Rimini Administration, it’s a strong discussion chance between exponents of Laboratories, Universities and Institutional Organisations, for what concerns the restoration of social housing buildings and the good practices to apply on it. The round table, then, is the moment where the participants can share difficulties and create synergy among them. AESS and ASTER participated to the event.

Topic group sustainable construction meeting - Tenants Involvement
Reggio Emilia,
18-20 June 2018

The event, hosted by ACER Reggio Emilia, focuses on tenant involvement during district renovation and user behaviour. Another focus of the event will be BIM and how ACER has formulated a strategy to implement this technology to improve efficiency in the fields of building construction and maintenance.

Talking about LEMON Project, there will be a focus of technology about it on the second day, 19th of June, held by AESS Modena.

Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum - Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place 

21st of February 2018 

The event presented 25 successful projects in 5 thematic parallel strands of dedicated interactive workshops and initiatives working across Europe, to facilitate the market for climate and sustainable energy finance. LEMON Project is one of those, supported by the Project Development Assistance facilities.

Energy audits concluded
19 june 2017

ACER Parma, ACER Reggio Emilia ed AESS concluded the energy audits of the housing units selected for the project. An overall evaluation of the existing stock conditions in terms of energy performances has been conducted through the collection of data related to the construction age of the buildings, the thermal characteristics of the buildings envelope, the typology and condition of the equipments.
The results show a varied stock of buildings, considering both their property and equipment typology, mainly autonomous. 45% of the housing units are in G class, while only the 15% is in D class, the highest level for the group of buildings considered.
Final objective of the energy audit is to draft the first renovation scenarios. The interventions foreseen so far include:
  • Thermal insulation: external wall insulation, first floor and under roof insulation
  • Windows replacement
  • Heating equipments replacement
  • Temperature regulation and control system installation
Watch the infographic

LEMON, among the good practices in energy efficiency
9 may 2017
The European Commission published in Aprile 2017 the report Good practice in energy efficiency, highlighting the policy and operational measures adopted in energy efficiency and the improvements still to occur to generate a real impact on energy consumptions reduction.

Within the package of measures Clean Energy for all Europeans, the Commission underlines the lessons learnt so far by analysing the good practices implemented across Europe, most of them focusing on the building sector, one of the major responsible for the greenhouse gases emissions in the atmosphere. 
Among them, the LEMON is cited: with the aim of developing a financial scheme to replicate for the energy retrofit of regional social housing, LEMON contributes to put in practice the commitment of the Emilia-Romagna Region to delivery 2030 energy efficiency targets.