Manuals and training materials

For tenants

The Tenant’s Manual is the guide to help tenants to manage their homes, save money and live in a comfortable and healthy environment.

This is a manual thought to support the tenants using effectively and independently the installed devices, regulate the interior temperature and control the energy consumptions after the refurbishment works. The manual will also recommend the correct behaviours to adopt in order to lower the consumptions without giving up the environmental well-being.
The Questionnaire “Now over to the tenants” is a tool pondered to help understand the needs of the tenants, especially for what concerns the ones living in Social Houses. It will help the compiler to question about the good practices about Energy Saving that can be applied in the tenant’s house.

For policy makers

To improve the capability of the public sector to draft, manage and monitor EPC contracts and replicate the LEMON model in other contexts, training seminars for representatives of ACER - Azienda Casa Emilia-Romagna and local, regional and European public decision-makers were organised as a project activity.

The first seminar involved about 30 regional representatives including local administrators and technicians and addressed the legal, financial and procedural aspects of EPC contracts, their monitoring and management over time.

The second meeting, a 2 hour thematic application workshop, focused on new financing methods and time management, involved about 50 people including representatives of local authorities, ESCo and enterprises. The main topics covered are those connected to the risks related to EPC contracts, the involvement and training of tenants and how to overcome financial uncertainties thanks to the support of experts and the GSE (Gestore Servizi Energetici).

Another training course, conducted in English, will involve instead 30 public decision-makers at a European level and it will be organized with the help of Climate-KIC, a public-private European network committed to the fight against climate change.