D6.3 Training material and Dwelling Energy Management Manual

The Dwelling Energy Management Manual is the guide that helps tenants to better manage their homes, spending less and living in a healthier and more comfortable inner space.
 D3.5 Energy Performance Tenancy Agreement

The Energy Performance Tenancy Agreement is a integrative regulation between the Municipality and the Housing Company. It is an innovative tool because, through this regulation, you can use part of the savings resulting from the energy efficiency investment to repay the investment, sharing the benefits between the tenant and the property.
D6.2 Communication materials

The set of communication materials was created with the aim of giving a complete graphic identity to the LEMON project. Inside there are:
  • logo
  • flyer in italian/english
  • two roll-up
  • template for presentation and reports in .pptx and .doc format
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D6.5 Periodic Newsletter

Newsletters are drafted with the aim of keeping a broader audience up-to-date with regard to the project progresses, in particular to the results achieved, and informing at the same time about other European countries further developments on the same field, in order to enhance a shared culture on energy efficiency.

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D6.7 Press Kit

The press-kit is an actual kit of all materials occurred to promote the LEMON’s activities and disseminate its results through printed and online media, allowing to answer to the following questions:
  • what’s the LEMON project, what does it do and for whom?
  • which are its main messages?
  • who to contact to have more information and activate collaborations? 
  • what has been told so far of the LEMON project?
The kit contains therefore:
  • project logo
  • project presentation in Italian and English
  • images and messages in Italian and English to present the project’s targets
  • list of latest press releases
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D6.8 Brochure

Would you like to know the goals and the expected results of LEMON's Project? The brochure will help you to understand the relevant topics and activities of the project.

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Other Documents
D6.9 Final Publishable Report

Final document describing the LEMON path, the many unforeseen events faced and the - very positive - results achieved by the project.

Final Publishable Report: download the PDF
Executive summary: download the PDF IT/EN - FR/DE - SP/PL